Monthly Archives: January 2013

Kitchen by Mike

I’m sure you’ve heard the phrase ‘food is art’ plenty of times. If you’re not into the concept and scoff at the thought that something like eating could be considered art, then you may have to think again. Kitchen by Mike is one of those places where the art/food combination is so picture-worthy, you instantly […]


After two decades of living on this planet, in a society with so many cuisines to choose from, you’d think I’d have tried Korean by now. In high school, almost half our school was made up of Korean kids (our sister school is in Korea, or so we’ve heard). It’s a tad daunting for me to […]

Sonoma Bakery Café

If you love sourdough, you’ve probably encountered Sonoma Bakery at some point. Sonoma would be the Chanel of the bread world, its distinctive black and white layout and bold logo is synonymous with artisan quality. I do love sourdough, but I’m not a bread connoisseur by anyone’s standards. These days, with people becoming more and […]

Byron Bay Cookies @ David Jones Food Hall

I have been working near the David Jones Food Hall for the past couple of weeks and because my trusty friend, The Foodie’s Guide to Sydney 2013 keeps recommending it (it’s in three separate categories!), I thought I should finally go see it for myself. The Hall is a gourmet foodie’s Mecca- all sorts of […]