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Torrential Downpours and Vegan Love

I love a good surprise. Unplanned things, adventures into the unknown. I live for spontaneity. Because why? It’s such a content-filled life when you’re not planning everything meticulously and living for to-do lists. I used to freak out when I didn’t remember what I did yesterday but now I embrace it. You ask why again? […]

Tradition With A Twist: Teishoku

Adjusting is never all that easy. I made the hasty decision to move from the comforting distance and stillness of Mittagong – where I was somewhat isolated from the hustle and bustle of city life and all that it entailed – to the fast-paced, ever-changing world of life within Sydney. Adjusting was like waking up […]

Bao Bun (Closed)

Ever encountered a moment, perhaps a single minute or a whole day even, where everything is going exactly as planned and you are living in the moment? And you wish the silly little moment would just last forever? And then the moment disappears and either it stays with you or just waddles off into the […]

Sydney Night Noodle Markets 2013

I’ve had some amazing food-focused weeks so I’m a very happy girl at the moment! One of these was at the annual Night Noodle Markets, and despite being a grump who hates standing in lines, I can never resist being lured to places which consist of a whole heap of food and more food!   […]