Monthly Archives: June 2013


Kakawa is a tiny opening through a doorway on Clarence Street in Sydney’s CBD. I happened to come across it by chance, whilst looking at a photograph exhibition a few blocks down the street. Its location – in Gaffa Gallery – is a predominantly black and white fit out, with the store sitting side by […]

Black Star Pastry

Plenty of times I’ve heard of the phrase ‘worth travelling across town for’. I haven’t felt this way about many things others have talked up; partly because I can’t be bothered with trying to get somewhere I’ve never been using public transport and partly because I think I’ll be left disappointed (yes, I am picky). […]

Veggie Patch Van

Here in Australia, we like to follow the lead of more prominent (we must admit) Western nations and the food truck is one of those things we couldn’t help but ‘borrow’ from the Americans. One could argue that they didn’t invent the phenomenon and that’s probably true…but we snitched the idea anyway. In the US, […]