The title says it all y’all. Japan and Kit Kats are a matcha (MAMA! I DID A PUN!) made in heaven. You guys know I’m Japan-cray so a friend who went recently got me a TONNE of them and it’s been like 3 months and I still jump around like a little kid when I see my cutely packaged stash.

Some fun facts:

  • Since 2000, there have been over 300 flavours made! Both seasonal and regional. So cool.
  • In 2010, the bestselling flavour was…SOY SAUCE. Wha? So weird.

I have every flavour I could ever want (but when I go to Japan I’ll probably go wild) and because I didn’t want to forgot this moment I did what any decent millenial would do and I photographed the shit out of them! Wheeee!This is a tribute post to the intelligent Japanese folk who come up with the most whimsically delicious flavour combos. I know my little treasure trove is just scratching the surface of the wonderful world of Japanese Kit Kats.

From the modest types like Pear and Cinnamon Cookie to the outright weird Edamame Soybean or Wasabi, if you’ve thought about it, chances are these clever cookies have beat you to it.

Let’s cut to the wafer stick (that was lame..) and start reviewing these babies, you ready? Let’s go!

Name: Japanese Kit Kat (RRP price varies)


  • 65 calories per bar
  • 4g of fat per bar
  • 8g of sugar (two teaspoons) per bar
  • Adorably packaged, I’m in love they’re beautiful and delicate and perfect ^^

Itohkyuemon Uji Matcha: 

Oh my oh my. It’s super hard to choose a fave but this is up there with the best matcha chocolate I’ve had. So rich and toasty, yet still subtle enough to be appreciated by all, this matcha flavour is made from Kyoto’s Uji region’s popular Itohkyuemon store‘s green tea blend. This blew my mind. I’ve never done this before but I’m giving this beauty an impressive 5 out of 5 rating. Yes I’m shocked too!Uji Koi Dark Matcha:

I’m not being lazy but this dark or ‘koi’ matcha blend also from Uji, Kyota was equally as impressive and daydream-worthy as the one above. A little richer but still pleasing in taste, I really enjoyed this flavour. So I think it deserves the same score to highlight just how delicate and fine-tuned these matcha Kit Kats are. 5 out of 5 friends!Roasted Soybean: 

I didn’t know what to expect with this unique offering but the Kit Kat experts know better so this was probably one of my faves too. A creamy white exterior made me smile and upon tasting, it was clear why this was a total crowd-pleaser. Sweet, nutty and smooth textured, the soybean flavour really shone through. A close second of 4.5 out of 5 for this cute thang.Strawberry Cheesecake:

The ‘most kawaii’ award goes to this lovely lady, for she is both beautiful inside and out. A stunning white with pink flecked exterior and freeze-dried strawberries dotted within, this baby was tangy and creamy like those strawberries and cream lollies we all used to love as kids (we ALL, how could you not love them?!). Tied on second place with 4.5 out of 5 also.Sake: 

It’s insane how much a tiny little confection can taste like something it has no association with! Most accurate flavour would have to be sake, with a milky white appearance and a subtle, really well executed rice wine-esque flavour, this one’s a real winner. 4 out of 5 for SA-KEH.Purple Sweet Potato (i.e. NOT taro!): 

For those of you unaware of the magical purple candy potato…okay no one calls it that, right-o, moving on. Taro, ube…this is not. If you’re dying to know the difference – let’s assume you want to be equipped with such nonsensical knowledge – read more about the difference between purple potaters here. Purple sweet potato is a delicious starchy thing that has dark violet-coloured flesh and tastes like a warm hug from a plump aunt, as well as being super popular in Asian desserts. This pastel-hued concoction captured its subtle nutty flavour perfectly – 4 out of 5.Dark Chocolate: 

I’m in this phase currently (been in it for a while now) where what was something I once preferred above all chocolate types is now a little boring and lifeless to me. I know it’s cruel because my heart still thinks dark chocolate is the REAL Slim Shady, but I’ve opened my mind up to milk and white chocolate being legitimate forms of the cacao bean. So I was a bit meh about this Kit Kat, it’s good but it’s not anything spectac, ya feel me? But such a swag queen with its slick navy exterior. So a 3.5 out of 5 is what it will get.Ginger: 

Most flavours have English text on them explaining what they are but this only had a Sakura-looking floral picture and so when I opened it I was sorta confused. It turned out to be ginger, props to a friend who researched for me. Dark brown on the outside, and not very punchy, I didn’t enjoy this flavour much. It was slightly spicy but not in the way I was expecting, or even particularly gingery, it just tasted a bit…powdery? Chalky? A 2.5 out of 5 purely for the cute packaging for dis one. Sorry gingy, you’re nothing but a pretty face.

That rounds things up you guyssssss. Please for the love of that sweet, decaying tooth at the back of your mouth that demands saccharine sweetness at all times, go out and find yourself some Kit Kat flavours to try out and obsess over as I have done. Hope you enjoyed this segment!

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